Faster ACH, credit card, and RDC payments

Award Winning

As a Gold Medalist for Innovation Via ACH our platform is positioned for continued leadership as same-day ACH becomes available.

Developer Sandbox

Our bank direct connections and API/SDK library give you the tools to deliver improved ACH, card and RDC payment solutions.

Security First

Our platform utilizes a process called tokenization which does not store sensitive data; instead, it creates and saves a “reusable” token.

More Payment Options

Faster ACH, credit card, & check (RDC) payment solutions positions your business to optimize revenues.

Simple & Flexible

linked2pay gives you more and faster ways to accept and make payments, with easy options to customize them.


Merchants register online via risk management enabled forms to streamline on-boarding.

Now a payments gateway for Salesforce users  See other news...

Their customer service team is patient, personable, and remarkably helpful. Their response time is extremely fast and your needs are always a top priority. Being a linked2Pay customer means being well taken care of. I have the up most confidence in the product and service they have to provide.

Aubree Wilson Pike Place PDA

We use linked2pay to speed up the shipping process for our customers. We have many products that we ship on prepaid only basis and linked2Pay allows our customers to make their payment fast and easy. I highly recommend linked2Pay to anyone looking for a simple, fast and inexpensive payment method!

Kyle VanOrder Woodstock Hardwood Flooring, LLC

In my experience as an IT professional I can say that deploying the linked2pay online payments solution required only the most minimal effort. At this point I can add payments to any hospital site in just a few minutes. The linked2pay solution and their support is excellent.

Holly Thompson UHS Behavioral Health Division

At OrthoCare we provide simple solutions for the delivery of a full service orthopedic DME program. We use linked2pay to give our customers the convenient and simple option to make payments through our web site. The set up was fast, easy and included custom reporting so that all of our payments are easy to track. I would highly recommend linked2pay.

Gordon McLaughlin OrthoCare Medical Equipment

Our company has been providing customers with labels that meet their needs for more than 60 years. We wanted to give our customers the convenience of online payments. After an evaluation we selected linked2pay and are very pleased with that decision. It was easy to get set up and it makes the payment process simple for our customers. Their service level is very high and I would recommend them.

Barry Cosme Richmark Label

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Partner With Us

Let us provide you with award-winning payment solutions that you white label as your own. Our platform becomes a branded subdomain of your site.

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Developer Tools

The depth of our bank-connected payments platform is vast, making the integration possibilities pretty much endless for a creative developer.

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Bank Centric Payments

Our payments platform enables a bank to provision feature-packed payment (card, ACH and RDC) solutions to ISOs & merchants in a harmonized fashion.

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  • Recurring Payments
  • Custom Receipts
  • Tailored Reporting
  • Convenience Fees
  • Easy Setup
  • Highest Security
  • Swipe, PIN and Signature
  • Live Help Support
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • No Software Downloads
  • Full API Library
  • Unified Platform Delivery
  • Integrated with Dropbox
  • Paperless Registration

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