Credit card, ACH and EBT payment solutions

Award Winning

As the 2014 Gold Medalist for Best Innovation Via ACH we are recognized for simplifying credit card and ACH payment acceptance. Please join us for a live demo.

The Right Fit

Our online form, mobile, checkout, email, and virtual terminal payment options are ready for your immediate use or leverage our sandbox for integrated automation.

Security First

linked2pay utilizes tokenization which is a process that does not store the credit card data. It stores a token which is a “reusable” replacement of the actual credit card data.


Register and gain access to all the payment acceptance methods and tools that linked2pay offers.


linked2pay gives you more ways to accept and make payments, with many options to customize them.


When you can accept credit card and ACH payments anywhere you are in position to optimize savings.

More and more merchants are offering their customers faster and simpler ways to make payments. Most importantly, our solutions save a merchant time and cost because of the consolidation of ways to accept payments, real-time custom reporting and access to automation (APIs). More so, the move to an omni payments approach to accepting payments is being sped up by the ease of getting up and running almost immediately. With linked2pay, you will have the option to accept credit card and ACH payments. The payment acceptance options include mobile, online, email, virtual terminal, or the usage of a shopping cart checkout. If you have simple or even complex needs you can to start accepting payments on day one.

Most businesses have one system for accepting credit card payments and a separate one for ACH; however, this nulls efficiency. With linked2pay, you can now innovatively add ACH to your credit card processing and optimize productivity. One system for your customers, one system for your reporting - a complex process made easy for everyone.

"If you are looking for efficient and flexible payment solutions that let you get set up quickly, then we highly recommend linked2pay."